The training of operating personnel of the signaling systems is done by the unified control place - JOP

In Brno, in our training centre we offer the possibility of exploiting a simulator for operating personnel of signaling systems via the unified control place JOP. The simulator is a modern, unique and highly specialized training medium used for educating operating personnel of modern signaling systems and railroad devices. 

SIMULATOR ADVANTAGES = identical work environment as on real control places, trains how to control signaling systems via the unified control place JOP, theoretical training supported by practical exercises of model situations on the simulated operation in real operation environment, possibility of causing special traffic situations, failures, etc. 
SIMULATOR POSSIBILITIES = controlling interlocking and line signaling systems and level crossing safeguarding systems, building train and shunting ways, controlling aspects on signal devices, forwarding line approvals, automatic operation of level safeguarding systems, automatic operation of line signaling systems 


The model railway is the dominant part of the whole training simulator. A two rail line of the corridor type with four stations is part of the simulator. The stations are equipped with ESA 11 interlocking systems.

Railway stations of the model railway:

  • train assembly station with stabling siding and a freight station,
  • way station on the two rail corridor line,
  • siding station on the two rail line with the possibility to divert on both heads,
  • siding station on a one rail line and a passing point with a self-returning point machine.

The train runs in line sections which are controlled by an automatic electric autoblock system. There are level crossings on the line that are also operated automatically by train movement.  A one rail line diverts from the corridor line and has a simple station equipped with self-returning points. The model railway is equipped with rail circuits in the same extent that a real railyard would have. The hardware and software of the training applications are real AŽD Praha systems installed in the Czech railroad network.



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